Payment – Recurring – Basic SEO

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Payment - Recurring - Basic SEO

Thank you for choosing our Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service. Your card will be charged monthly and you may cancel with a 30-day notice. This service includes:

Basic SEO Package – $375/month

  1. Keyword research to identify 10 of the most searched keywords related to your industry and local area
  2. Keyword tracking – up to 10 keywords
  3. Competitor analysis – we will track how your competitors compare in ranking of these 10 keywords (up to three competitors)
  4. Monthly reports – you will receive monthly reports outlining your keyword and website performance
  5. Adjust on-page optimization (Description, Alt Tags, Headings and Titles) as needed
  6. Social media posts – up to two posts per week
  7. We will publish up one keyword-targeted extended blog post/article each month. A professional writer who specializes in writing for search engine optimization will be used for up to two hours per month. Two hours is usually enough time to research and write one article of approximately 250-500 words. If you prefer to write the articles yourself, we will develop the proposed topics and review/edit the articles as needed for SEO purposes.
  8. One (1) royalty-free image
  9. Up to 15 minutes of calls and/or e-mail consultation per month

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