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Public Relations

Managing all of your marketing and communications needs.

Publicity and Media Coaching

Developing positive relationships with members of the media establishes your company as a trusted resource for information. Our publicity experts work with you to develop a media relation’s strategy, promptly address media inquiries and initiate media interest. You have a story to tell, and we strive to ensure it is communicated clearly and accurately. We also reduce the anxiety of media interviews by training key employees on what to expect and guiding them every step of the way.

Event Planning and Event Promotions

From grand openings, ribbon cuttings and customer appreciation outings to conferences and sporting events, we handle it all! Our seasoned team of professionals direct and deliver any size and type of special event. Whether you need us for pre-planning, on-site management, publicity or post-event follow-up, our event experts go above and beyond to deliver quality results.

Crisis Management

Employee layoffs? Lawsuit? Sexual Harassment Claim? Employee injury or Death? These are just a few of the liabilities companies can face. At one point or another, most companies will encounter a situation where they need crisis management. Establishing a crisis management plan NOW, rather than after a situation occurs, helps your company be prepared to handle any crisis which may arise. Companies who face a crisis AND have a crisis management plan in place tend to suffer less backlash and financial loss than companies without a crisis management plan.

Community Involvement & Partnerships

Giving back to the community in which you live or work has become so important in today’s society. It is our opinion that every company should find some way to become involved with their community. Our consultants are experts in researching and developing mutually beneficial community relationships and partnerships. Supporting an organization, such as a non-profit, not only helps bring a diverse group of people together for a common purpose, but also fosters positive community relationships and boosts the image of the company involved.

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