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How Can I Build Momentum for My Website During COVID-19?

Many companies are either closed or operating with reduced services due to COVID-19.  As a result, some business owners are wondering if investing in organic search engine optimization (SEO) during this time is wise.  If you find yourself asking this question, here are some thoughts to consider.

Organic Rankings are Still the Gold Standard

While search engine results pages display both ads and organic listings, ranking well organically for relevant search terms is still the gold standard. Ranking well for relevant search terms also has some indirect advantages. For instance, although organic SEO and Google Ads are completely separate entities, when your website ranks well organically for a keyword, you will likely be assigned a higher quality score for that keyword by Google, thus decreasing the pay-per-click amount you pay if you are running Google Ads.

Pausing Ongoing SEO Efforts Can Result in a Loss of Momentum and Rankings

Good search engine rankings take time to achieve and ongoing work to maintain. If you are subscribing to our ongoing SEO services and suddenly stop, then there is good chance that your website rankings will drop.  Not only do you lose the momentum you’ve gained, but you open doors for your competitors.

If Your Competitors Cut Back, the Door Opens Wider for You

If your competitors choose to decrease or eliminate their ongoing SEO efforts, even temporarily, the door opens wider for you.  Let’s say a competitor who has a larger website than you and spends more on monthly SEO suddenly stops SEO.  If you continue your SEO and/or increase your SEO efforts, you now have a better chance of your website being viewed by Google as more relevant and you very well could see a spike in rankings.  If this happens, your competitor will have more ground to make up when they do resume their SEO efforts.

If you have never subscribed to our ongoing SEO services, now is an excellent time to start.  If you are already an ongoing SEO client, now may be the opportune time to intensify these efforts. Let’s talk about where you are, your goals and how we can help!

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