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fairfield county library

Evolution of a Brandmark: Fairfield County Library

We were proud to have had the opportunity to work with the Fairfield County, South Carolina library system to create their new logo/brandmark and website.  They came to us with a unique idea that we were excited to bring to life!

The first rule of design is that all design must have a purpose.  The second rule is to listen to your client.  During our initial discussion with the client, the most important concepts in this case were history and legacy.  The main branch of the Fairfield County library is located in a building which exemplified both history and legacy.  Developing a concept which encompassed the history of the building and the colonial legacy of the region – along with an element of modern design – was key to creating a memorable brandmark for such an important landmark.

We utilized the building cupola as the key element to tie the brandmark to the rich history and legacy of the library while maintaining a bond with the colonial heritage of the region.  A modern upward moving swoosh carries the eye to the name and finishes the concept with a forward look and feel.  The deep red color coupled with the black and white cupola reinforces the historic to modern feeling necessary to appeal to a wide age demographic.

Special thank you to the good folks at the Fairfield County Library System for choosing us to work with them on this challenging and enjoyable project!

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